Cross Country Road Trip and Canon T50

My fiancée – now wife – and I drove across the US last year from Wisconsin to California to get married back in our home town, the Bay Area. The drive there was done extremely quickly since we wanted as many days as possible to prepare for our wedding day, but I still have fond memories driving through the constantly changing scenery and snapping photos when I had the opportunity to.

I especially enjoyed driving through Utah, Nevada, and the mountains in California on our way through to Sacramento. The landscapes there are such amazing places, I definitely want to be able to spend more time exploring each place.

I brought a few cameras with me on the way there – my trusty Fuji X-T20, my Minolta XG-M – but also decided to take along a Canon T50 that I bought off of Craigslist earlier that year.

The Canon T50 is a very basic SLR interchangeable lens 35mm film camera. It allows you to use the high quality and extremely affordable FD lenses, but you don’t need to fuss about aperture and shutter speed while using it.

You need to trust that the camera is picking the correct exposure for you, but it can be liberating not having to think about those things every once in a while, especially after being exhausted driving across a few states at a time.

Here are a few photos from our trip from the Canon T50 + 35mm f2.8.

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