More Film Photos

I’ve been in a photography lull the past few months. I’m almost positive that the reason is the weather here in Madison; it’s hard to go out there and explore when temperatures drop below zero and you can’t feel your face or your fingers.

I’m sure heading over to visit Japan in a few weeks will help me get out of this funk, but one thing that still continually keeps me motivated and excited about takings pictures right now is film. It can be liberating not having to check every single photo you take, and knowing that once you fire your shutter, you can’t check what you shot until later. I took these photos a while back in August 2018, but left the undeveloped rolls in my freezer until recently when I was able to drop them off at a local shop.

I’m glad some of these came out nice, even if it took me forever to know how they came out.

Most photos are from my Minolta X-GM equipped with my trusty 50mm f1.4.

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