Red Rock Canyon

First hike in Las Vegas at Red Rock Canyon, but definitely not the last. Such a different landscapes than the ones I’ve seen in California and Wisconsin, but beautiful nonetheless.

My morning started off by forgetting the breakfast of 2 hard boiled eggs Angeline cooked for me (of course…). I got to the park around 8am and picked up my National Park Pass to enter the park. It’s pretty cool that the America the Beautiful pass works at Red Rock, because I know I’ll be using it quite a bit over the next year.

Even though the weather was mild for Las Vegas standards (65 in the morning!), the absence of clouds made my hikes pretty warm surprisingly. I spent the morning hiking Calico I and II, hiking up towards Calico Basin to enjoy the city views, and then back towards my Mazda. All in all, about 4 hours with breaks in between.

I’ll be back soon. 🙂

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